We launched in D.C. just two months ago. The feedback has been stellar. 

To thank you for all of your awesome support, we're sending you some of New York's best instructors to lead classes in the district in November.

Meet Hannah, an artist by nature, who will wake up your inner wild child this month. 

1. So you're relocating to D.C. from NYC. Where were you before New York?
Life before NYC?! Well, I moved just about a year ago from Chicago, IL. I was there for just a year; I think it's so important to explore cities while you're young! Brooklyn feels like home though, I gotta tell you.

2. What are you most looking forward to about D.C.?
TEACHING TEACHING TEACHING! It'll be so fun to be 305 all-the-time. Also, the excitement and anticipation of Michelle Obama showing up to class at any moment. ANY MOMENT WHERE ARE YOU MICHELLE?!

Since graduating from college just two years ago, Hannah has lived as a performer in Boston, Chicago, and New York. 

3. Have you heard any gossip about D.C. from other 305 instructors? What's the word on the street?
Folks love to have a good time down there, and it's a little slower-paced but no less fab than NYC. I'll just have to see for myself!!

4. D.C. is a place where a lot revolves around politics. If you ran for President, what would be your top ballot issue?
At the moment, environmentalism is a huge issue that has ties to many other issues like human rights and immigration. As someone who cares about wellness, it's important to think about the wellness (or lack-thereof) of the earth! Also, I would put into law some strict guidelines about pant suits. Just sayin'.

This free-thinking bird created her own major in school: Dance and Performance Studies and Critical Theory and Gender Studies. 


5. What are two surprises we'd find in your suitcase?
I have three varieties of foam rollers. The surprise is that I'll bring all three. And this art-theory book, which makes my suitcase incredibly heavy.

6. One song you'll be listening to on repeat on the bus ride down here?
"The Wheel" by Sohn

Hannah has a je-ne-sais-quoi quality that you can't resist and just wanna get to know. 

Naptime's over, people. D.C., are you ready for the 305 TAKEOVER? Join Hannah, one of our top NYC instructors, later this month as she comes to shake things up (in a really good way) in the district. Holla!