One of our all-time fav instructors is in NYC and we're getting wet just thinking about it.Rule-breaking, dont-give-a-flying, get-outta-my-way NAPOLEON is back. He spent two months touring the country with WICKED the Musical.Now he's back home and we seriously can't get enough.Outrageously hilarious and fierce as f*ck, Napoleon will make you sweat and shed tears (from laughing so hard, duh!). This superstar spills the beans below. 

What was your most quintessential New York moment?

I performed in Broadway Bares twice now. Being able to perform with the most amazing people that work in the New York City theater community was unreal. I’ve never felt so connected to a larger community, performing for such an amazing cause (Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS). 


Where can we find you on a typical Saturday night?

Trying a new restaurant for dinner then I grab a few drinks after, at a nearby bar, then another bar… Then I don’t remember what happens after that.


What are your go-to pre and post 305 snacks?

Green tea with ginger and honey before class and chicken wings after.. Duh. 


How would YOU describe your 305 classes? 

It’s just like dancing at your favorite music festival or out with your friends, but sweatier. 


Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jonathan Rhys Myers


What would we find in your gym bag?

Shoes and a bottle of wine.


What’s your latest obsession? 

Audra McDonald is my obsession. She is my patron saint.  Also, "White Girl Problems" and "Dear White People."

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