With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us are thinkin' bout the things and humans that make us feel warm inside. Did you know that the easiest way to become a happier person is to give gratitude every day? (For real, it's science!). We asked our instructors and DJs some of the reasons they feel lucky. Ch-ch-check it out below.


"I feel so lucky for my siblings: my brilliant brother and loving sisters. And the 305 team. They are like family to me." -- Sadie 

"My friends and family who keep my inspired. Art and dance -- they've given me so much joy. New York City: the chaos, the unhappy moments, the best people, and the healthy food everywhere!" -- Maria 

"The gift of life, family and good health!" -- Denese 

"Sunny vacations! And our 305 junkies who are so committed to giving their all." -- Latoya 

"My family, my health, and an equal daily dosage of coffee and chocolate." -- Jess 

"Vanilla bean ice cream. My best friends who have become my siblings. My mother." -- Napoleon 

"I'm grateful for parents who love me unconditionally. The chance to pursue my passion in New York. Oh, and wooly socks!" -- Natalia 

"I'm grateful for my health, my work, and my smile :D " -- Jj 

"I'm grateful for my fabulous cozy Brooklyn apartment. For love in all its forms. And for my health and ongoing commitment to learning about my body. We are capable of incredible things. What a gift to be alive and DANCING!" -- Hannah 

"My community, my family, and the light of life." -- Christina 

"I'm grateful for 12-hour shifts #nurselife. And our familiar-faced dedicated 305 junkies in D.C. who give it their all. And thankful for Olivia Pope, and red wine." -- Brittney

"Long nights and early mornings. Also grateful for sweat glands and a functional body!" -- Elena

"I'm thankful for being able to live my dreams. And that I have understanding, loving parents." -- Byron 

"Cookie dough, fun friends, and the gift of life!" -- Marie 

"Family, breath, music." -- DJ April 

"Let's see...I'm grateful for my wife, my job, and still having my hair!" -- DJ Mark 

"Hair product, beard trimmers, and Justin Timberlake's musical resurgence." -- DJ Patrick 

"I'm thankful for having the opportunity to be doing what I'm passionate about with music and for every day I wake up." -- DJ Will 

"I'm thankful for my family, my girl, and all the friends from all around the world. And all the opportunities I was given this year!" -- DJ Sergey 

"Diveristy -- the world woul be boring without it! Laughter -- the world would be a sad place without it. And education and opportunity." -- DJ Jeovani 

"I'm grateful for my family, and friends, my health, and that I'm able to work in fields I feel very passionate about." -- DJ Matt 

"I'm grateful for family and friends, public transportation, and the opportunity to DJ and to teach ahimsa, peace, and human rights." -- DJ Monica