Meet Skyler, the latest addition to the ((305)) Crew. We asked Skyler some questions about who she is and what she's like when she's not gettin' freaky on the 305 dance floor. Read on, junkies! 

1. Beyonce, Rhianna, or Lady Gaga?

​THIS IS SO HARD. I love them all for such different reasons. ohhhhhhhhh i think i gotta go with bey. She's brilliant and she's nuts and she's a grown woman, she can do WHATEVER she wants.

2. What's your guilty food pleasure? 
​Cookies. especially if there happens to be some ice cream smooshed between 'em.

3.Favorite song to make sweat sexy?
​I lose my shit over Echa Pa'lla.

4. Favorite song to make... sexy ;) (aka fav sex song)
Red House. Jimi Hendrix. ​sexy sex.

5. Favorite music video to renact as a kid?
​Missy Elliott anything. I'm pretty sure i thought I was one of her dancing kids. I might still think that I'm one of her dancing kids. I also might have re-enacted "Work It" yesterday.

6. Favorite word that sounds dirty, but isn't?
​Kumquat. duh.

7. What color dress did you wear to prom? 
​Dude, I LOVED my prom dress. it was pink with bugs made of jewels printed on it. That was a terrible description of it but it really was a beautiful dress. I borrowed it from my mom.

8. Favorite way to decompress?
​Singing and guitarin'. My roommate and I are a band together so we sing all the time. I bet our neighbors LOVE us.

9. How did you find fitness?
​ I don't know if I ever really "found" fitness. It seems like it was always kind of there. I started dancing when I was 3, and have always been active. I'm a pretty energetic person, so fitness helps me expel a lot of excess energy. I also just love dancing! What's more fun than a dance party?

9. Do you have 'words to live by'?
​"Work hard and be nice to people." 

10. What's your best hangover cure?
​bacon egg and cheese on a hard roll followed swiftly by two advil and a whole lot of water.

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