Jess, aka the "Glitter Bomb" teaches feel-good cardio classes with an extra dose of guilty-pleasure pop. 

1. What's on your wish list, Jess?
More than gifts, I am most looking forward to Ohio snow and lots of sleeping, eating and time with my family. But I did ask for headphones and Under Armour gear ; )

2. Okay, flashback to December 2013. What are we seeing, here?
This time last year my life looked like nonstop 305 training!! I had just auditioned and was learning to become an instructor. A lot goes into it! Can't believe it's been a year!

3. Quick! A nutmeg: a nut or what?
A nutmeg is a spice, duh! And it's super delicious sprinkled on top of a latte.

4. Jess, what is THE question you're dreading at holiday dinners?
It's unavoidable but, everyone will be asking me when I'm gonna have babies! Ugh, so over that question!