Meet Maria, our spiritual gangster of love. Maria is cool, calm and collected but also fierce, independent, and focused. If you haven't taken class with this goddess, time to get to it, yo! 

1. Maria, Mariaaaaa! Was the show "West Side Story" written about you?
No. That was a little before my time...

2. Okay, okay. We can dream...so speaking of dreams, what's on your holiday wish list this year?
A new pair of sneakers! Been doing a lot of dancing at 305 these days! 

3.  What did your life look like this time last year?
This time last year I was working a serving job full time, living with two friends from college in a mouse infested apartment, and getting ready to head to Denmark for Christmas.

4. Nutmeg: a nut? DO NOT look it up! 
Ummm..yes? I'm not sure.

5. Is there an awkward question you're dreading this year at the holiday table?
Hmmm, I think those are out of the way: my boyfriend's mom asked us what our 5-year plan was and when we were planning on getting married when I met her for the first time over summer so I don't think anything else can top that awkward moment for this year.

6. Boyfriend?? A hot little number like you?
Yeah, what can I say? He's not so bad himself :)