Natalia is our bouncy ball of energy. Don't be fooled by her goofball demeanor.
Natalia was also a semi-pro figure skater before she turned to dance so she knows all about hard work and discipline. 

1. What's on your wish list this year?
 The biggest thing has already come true! I've been approved to graduate early from my dance program and will be finishing this Spring!! Wahooooo!

2. This time last year, your life looked like...
Actor note: Say with a dreamy far-away look, "I was on a precipice of great change..."

But really. I was about to discover the loneliness of living in a tiny, intimate apartment with strangers who were either semi-hostile or semi-crazy and breaking up with the first person I've ever loved. I was also about to take my first solid step toward pursuing my dream of dancing by enrolling in a professional dance training program. AND I was  about to discover the best damn thing NYC has to offer-- Sadie Kurzban and 305fitness.

3. Is nutmeg a nut?
Well I'll be damned. Its a seed! As are almonds, cashews, pine nuts (the falsehood!), pistachios and countless other culinary deceivers!

4. What's an awkward question you don't want to be asked at holiday dinners this year? 
"What's this thing called tinder all about...?"
"...So are you on tinder?"