Sadie is our 25-year-old wildly ambitious founder. We asked what she's cookin' up this holiday season. 

1. What's on your wish list this year?
So hard! I have everything I need, really! I think this year I'm looking for what a lot of us are looking for: real human connection. It's hard to meet people in this city who have their hearts and minds open and who are willing to admit they care. Can I put that on my wish list for myself and for humanity? :) 

2. This time last year: what did your life look like?
Oh man! Pretty different! We were still out of rented dance studio spaces (the glory days!). We had 20 classes a week and half of our instructors hadn't even started teaching yet. I was working just as hard as I do now but it was different back then. I had to have a lot more faith! 

3. Christmas, Hanukkah? What do you celebrate?
Good question. My dad is Jewish. My mom was raised Catholic. We definitely did the menorah stuff growing up but we'd also go over to my Cuban aunt's for a pig roasting (in the ground! it's true, people!). I love it all! 

4. Best holiday gift you ever received?
I still remember the moon shoes I got when I was ten. Night 4 of Hanukkah, 1999. Best dad ever!!