Message from our Founder, Sadie K.

Hey there, junkies.

I'm so excited to announce this, I could pee my workout pants.

For some time now, I've been dreaming about this: a way to deliver highly effective workouts at an affordable rate. I'm so proud to be the first fitness boutique in NYC with a program that is truly accessible and affordable.

Starting in January, 305 Fitness will release a select number of monthly all-access memberships at a competitive price. You ready to GET LUCKY with 305?

So what's the deal and how does this work?

EXCLUSIVE: I will release a small number of memberships to begin. All clients will be granted membership on a strict lottery basis.
INEXPENSIVE: Totally unlimited access for the price of 5 monthly classes.*

To get lucky, answer these 7 quick questions and be entered in our membership lottery. Link below.

NYC Membership Lottery >>>
DC Membership Lottery >>>

My deep hope? You can ditch your wallet worries and focus on what's important: seizing control over your health and happiness. 2015, let's do this, baby!

With so much love,

PS. One more time, here's the link to GET LUCKY >>> NYC lottery >>> DC lottery

*For NYC: $169/month with 6 month auto-renewal or $249 for month-to-month unlimited. For DC: $99/month with 6 month auto-renew of $175 for month-to-month unlimited. Once we fill our quota, you may put your name on our wait list if future memberships become available.