In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked our instructors to share what they love most about themselves. Read on to discover what your favorite instructor digs most about him or herself <3 

"I love my crazy curly hair and my sense of humor!' says Skyler, the youngest member of our New York team. 

"I love that I can throw on some music, start dancing and immediately be in a better mood than I was 2 seconds before. No sugar, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, make up, or clothes necessary to make me love myself." says Marie, a VA native heading classes in D.C. 

"One thing I love about myself, becasue it constantly bring me joy, is my ability to get almost anyone to dance (grandmas and white boys with four left feet included). And I'm not talking mere head-bobbing, foot-tapping type of dancing, I'm talking leaving-it-all-on-the-dance-floor-getting-down-and-dirty kind of dancing. Its a hella fun superpower!" says Natalia, our favorite goof and energizer bunny in NYC. 

"I love the compassion I have for others. And I love my outgoing personality," says Denese, our NYC beauty queen who teaches many of our 7AM classes.

"I really love that I have a true caring heart and I'm willing to help and support others," says Jj, our heart-melting fly boy in NYC. 

"I love that I have my own mind. I'm not easily influenced, but I still remain open to other people," says Elena, our fierce fire queen in the district. 

"My passion for life and pursuing all I do with every part of my being," says Napoleon, our unapologetic, divalicious star in NYC. 

"I love that I'm comfortable both being incredibly social, no matter where I find myself in the world, and also very comfortable being an introvert. I also appreciate and love my desire to keep growing and to not fear tasking a risk," says Latoya, our fearless, fiery leader in New York City. 

"I love my super positive attitude that always keeps me going. And I love my lashes. I am constantly asked if they are fake and I take that as a compliment!" says Jess, our sparkle queen of pop based in New York. 

"I love that I can laugh at myself. Stress can get the best of me at times but when I realize how ridiculous I'm acting I find it amusing," says Maria, our gorgeous goddess of an instructor in NYC. 

"I love that I embrace change!" says Sadie, our kick-ass visionary based in NYC.