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1. Tell us a little about your dance and fitness history. Have you always loved to move? Were you a couch potato in a past life?

I was a college dancer at Amherst College in Amherst, MA. I started my career in fitness at FIT + FLOW YOGA in Brooklyn, NY where I fell in love with and became certified in the Kinelogica Method. I plan to also become a certified personal trainer!
I was overweight when I was younger and have come a long way. I finally realized that changing my eating habits and making physical activity more routine throughout my days and weeks made the changes lasting and no longer second thoughts.
My family is Caribbean, so movement and dance has always been in my blood, and I'm happy to be able to teach an awesome dance/fitness hybrid at 305!

2. Describe what sets your class apart from other instructors? What sass/ferocity/swag will you be bringing to the table?

I'm a motherfucking wild-child. There's gutteral screaming, tongue-trills, mean-mugging, motivation, and ratchet dancing. Once the beats hit me, a huge blast of energy erupts and the journey of my class involves all of my party people falling into the trance with me. I care so much about getting people pumped and happy and us having a good time and getting a good damned workout. That's what it's all about, yeah?
My movement quality is a mix of African dance, modern dance, and Brooklyn/Caribbean street-swag. Every body knows how to get down... it just takes a little easing into sometimes. Let me take you there!

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3. Describe what 305 means to you in 3 words.
PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPY! That all means leave the bullshit of your life and day at the front door, get into your cutest outfit, and get ready to have the best moment of your day in my class!


1. Tell us a little about your dance and fitness history. Have you always loved to move?
I have been a dancer since the age of 7. I trained at The Ailey School in NYC and continued dancing and ultimately graduated with my BFA in dance at Rutgers University. I am also a former NBA dancer for the Philadelphia 76ers. I guess you can say Ballet and Modern dance has always been considered my primary form of working out. However, my mom constantly reminds me that at the age of 2, prior to the start of my dance career, I developed a strong liking to being fit. She told me that early in the morning I would wake up and play any exercise videos I found in the house and would get upset if anyone disturbed my workout session. Haha! It is quite interesting to me how everything is coming back full circle.

2. What is your 305 style? What is your style outside the studio?

I am a huge fan of being fit and stylish. My 305 style is fun, fierce, and sassy. My typical 305 outfit is anything that stands out. I love to wear leggings that are bright/neon colored so it can glow in the black light set, along with a bright pink or any neon colored sports bra and my favorite hot pink sneakers. Not to mention pink is my favorite color! Also I like to top any outfit off with a really cute headband. When I am not working out, I am most likely wearing leggings, wedge sneakers, and a cute crop tee while sporting the biggest tote bag I can find.

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3. What aspect about 305 had you hooked?
When I heard that 305 Fitness had a live DJ, I instantly wanted to see this for myself. When I took my first class and saw the amazing lighting and the high energy instructors, I knew there was no place else for me to workout while feeling like I am at a club on a Friday night. Awesome combination!


1. Tell us a little about your dance and fitness history. Were you a coach potato in a past life?
Dance has always had a huge impact in my life! When I was young I would choreograph dances to Spice Girls, *NSYNC, and of course Britney Spears. Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of traveling the country and was able to develop my skills in contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. While I continued to dance, fitness has always been a means to condition myself and to stay active.

2. What is your 305 style? What is your style outside the studio?
Definitely comfortable and cool! In the studio, prepare yourself for a neon green or an orange number.
Outside of the studio you can find me in jeans, a black tee, and a baseball cap.

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3. What is the ONE thing that you believe sets 305 apart from any other workout? What does 305 mean to you?
I love the way that ((305)) makes you feel like a pop star in every class. Between the DJ and the club lights, you get the chance to give your class its own interactive concert. The high intensity cardio workout and fun choreography is one of a kind.