Letter From Our Founder | Sadie K.


I’m so damn excited to break this news, my heart is beating faster than everyone’s favorite 5-minute sprint (not actually, but almost!). I've got amazing news for both NYC and DC (!!!!!). 

Just one year after we opened our doors on 8th Street, we are bringing you a second NYC location in Midtown THIS JANUARY! (Peep location and schedule deets here.)

When I created ((305)) in college, I never imagined it would evolve into this gorgeous, wild, imaginative thing. “Thing” isn’t the word, really. ((305)) isn’t simply a class or a brand. ((305)) is a heartbeat, a soundwave, a human being. ((305)) is alive. It’s addictive pulse fills us with an unmatched sense of freedom, a real conquer-the-world attitude that we use to redefine boundaries, both physical and mental.

We are shattering the myth that boutique fitness must be exclusive or competitive. As Noël Duan wrote on Yahoo! earlier this year:  “I’ve tried every Lululemon-cladfitnessista boutique class but...305 Fitness is the only studio in which my sweaty classmates and I not only acknowledge each other in the locker room, but also have friendly conversations.”  

With every phase of growth, we come one step closer. Not only our electrifying classes with hand-selected instructors and DJs, but now also:


To bring us closer to that goal and to thank you for your loyalty, I've got some jump-for-joy news for both cities. 



New York, we're popping our freshest pink cherries as we open our doors at 33 East 33rd St this January and the ((NEW)) sale is our way to open that champagne early. 

The ((NEW)) sale STARTS TODAY and ends December 15th. Peep some major news about an all-access, affordable membershipAll packages and memberships will work at NYC both studios! I have a feeling you’re gonna be reaaaal excited when you see it!


You’ve proven to be the best choice we couldda made for a second city. D.C. In the next 6 months, you’ll bear witness to some major changes that will make this workout come to life --- even more so! (Christmas has come early, kids!). #StayTuned.

To make classes even more affordable and accessible, we opening our D.C. memberships up to the public! Normally we offer these $99/month memberships on a lottery-basis only, so this is yuuuge news. To be fair to our limited capacity, we’ll be opening memberships to the first 250 junkies who sign up. You can begin your membership on December 1st or January 1st. More on that here. Holla!

Ummmm….if you can’t sense the excitement from the punctuation in this letter, plz believe me that I am beeeyond stoked.

Here’s to 2016, baby! Let’s keep growing the damn thang!

Keep it real,