Hey NYC - Gratitude is the attitude!

Turkey day is almost here, and it’s got us wanting to give some thanks. While we’re grateful each and every day for the amazing instructors, DJs and junkies that make up the ((305)) family, we asked some of our NYC team members to make some noise for the things and people they’re grateful for and what gratitude means to them.


“I am truly grateful for my dad -- he is 100% unconditional love. He raised me to believe that I was just as capable as my brother and made me feel my opinions matter as a woman. Forever grateful to him for encouraging me to speak my mind and go for what I want!”

“Gratitude is about thanking the universe for things big and small. For oxygen to feed my cells, for my creative mind, for New York f*cking City, for the privilege I was born into, for the amazing sandwich I had for lunch. Gratitude has no limits.” — Sadie


“My parents have always given me everything I needed but have also taught me to work extremely hard for anything I want. They’re supportive of my dreams and goals and constantly push me to succeed. They are my real life super heroes.” — Naimah


“I'm truly grateful for my friends - they form my adopted family and are there for me through thick and thin; not out of familial obligation, but because they love me for me and I them.”

“Gratitude is the overwhelming sense of thanks I get when I feel like someone or something was really there for me in a time of need, even if I didn't realize it at the time.” — Deaton


“I am grateful for my roommates. I love coming home and seeing them, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about New York, it’s how much more durable you become when you have a home you can retreat to at the end of the day.” — Natalia


“Gratitude is about living with appreciation towards all that comes our way. Seeing that every experience and every person brings about an opportunity to learn and grow beyond our preconceived limits, to see life through a new lens, and to make beautiful memories that open our hearts.” — Maria


“This year, I've gotten to travel quite a bit more than usual. I've been very fortunate to have some extra time off and get to explore incredible places with my new husband, my family, and my girl friends.”

“In my eyes, gratitude is taking a pause in our hectic, crazy lives---and using those moments to truly appreciate all that's around us. All the stuff we can't control---they are all opportunities for us to pause and appreciate.” — Bex


“I’m most grateful for my parents. Last New Year’s Eve while most were making party plans for the evening; they were dropping me off at the airport, as I was determined to move to the city before ringing in the New Year. I was BEYOND nervous but looking back they probably had it worse, dropping off their only child who chose to leave a comfortable life to move to the city with seemingly no safety plan.” — Symone


“I am truly grateful for my parents. In a crazy world they brought me up with a solid foundation and provided me opportunities that lots of others don't have."

"Gratitude means thankfulness but true Gratitude is when you can actually give back your thanks in actions.” — DJ Aeia


“One of the greatest things I am thankful for is my family. They truly are my back bone and have always supported everything i've ever wanted to do. And for them I am continuously grateful, day in and day out.” — DJ FX