Hey DC - Gratitude is the attitude!

Turkey day is almost here, and it’s got us wanting to give some thanks. While we’re grateful each and every day for the amazing instructors, DJs and junkies that make up the ((305)) family, we asked some of our DC team members to make some noise for the things and people they’re grateful for and tell us what gratitude means to them.


“I am so grateful for my faith. Without my faith I would be a hot mess; insecure, anxious, and selfish. But with it, I am able to be the best version of myself; strong, radiant, and giving.”

“Gratitude is noticing all of the big and the small things that are done for you and taking the time to say thank you. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” -- Marie


“I am truly grateful for my health. My health has introduced me to an amazing community of friends and inspiring individuals, it has allowed me to travel the world and expand my cultural awareness, it has given me the opportunity to stay close with family over long distances, and most importantly, it has allowed me to explore true passion through dance.”

“Being grateful to me is taking a moment to get out of your head and into your heart.  To truly shut out all of the distracting details of the day to day and really soak in and appreciate how amazing being alive is.” -- Juli

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“I am grateful for my family. Without them, I would not be the kind of person I am or where I am in life today. I will be forever grateful for who they are and everything that they've done for me.”

Gratitude is recognizing all the beauty and gifts of life, and expressing appreciation in our thoughts, through our words, and by our actions, to everyone and everything around us. We are all connected and we all make an impact on each other's lives - directly or indirectly.” -- DJ Ahimsa


“I'm thankful of my amazing wife who loves and supports me in everything I do, and is more than I could've ever dreamed of. I'm thankful to friends and family who have supported my wife and I on our amazing journey moving from England to America 18 months ago. I'm thankful of my new friends and peers that have given me an opportunity to prove myself and had faith in me and my work.” -- DJ Pieman


"I'm truly grateful for my friends that keep me grounded. Lord knows how crazy life would get if I didn't have them to give me that text or two-word Facebook message that let me know it's all OK and we are all gonna do great in life. They are part of what makes everything worth it."

"Gratitude is just knowing that what you do is working for someone. You appreciate that you are making results that will make waves in one way or another. Gratitude is taking your opportunity and not letting it float away. It knocks at the door and you let it in because you appreciate the good it has yet to show you." -- DJ Greg