YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) NYC: Jan. 19, 2016

305 ((SCULPT)) & YOGA 4 BETTER "X"

New York has gone bananas for our sweat-inducing, heart-pounding cardio dance classes. When it comes to obsessive chatter about ((305)) around the water cooler and at the dinner table, the sky's the limit!

On February 9th, we're officially launching TWO NEW CLASSES that'll leave you feeling as badass as our cardio classes but have the added bonus of building strength and flexibility. What's more? These classes are capped at 20 people and are awesomely affordable, at just $18/class.
Classes will launch in our NYC Village studio only.


YOGA 4 BETTER X:unspecified-2

Yoga 4 Better...


Find your "X" with New York's most soulful, powerful, and uplifting yoga class. 

Yoga can serve so many purposes, and Y4BX leaves open the possibility for so much to surface and inspire, so that you leave class feeling fulfilled, empowered, confident, and authentically—you! 

This powerful 55-minute flow manifests the major tenets of ((305)) through the prism of the yoga practice. Building on a traditional vinyasa flow, this steamy, potent class awakens dormant internal energies, while improving strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

Inspired in equal parts dance and yoga, this class uses a unique rhythmic flow to match movement with music and with breath. This open-level yoga class is especially appropriate for those who are new to yoga, but will also offer challenge and relief for yogis of all levels. $18 per class, $170 per 10-class pack. In the NYC Village studio only.

unspecified-1((305)) SCULPT:

((305)) Sculpt is a 45-minute strength workout that creates long, lean muscle like a dancer's with a special focus on dat ass and dem abs. This low-impact, rhythmic sculpting class is contagiously fun and extraordinarily effective. Created as an alternative to weightlifting at the gym or toning at the barre, this outrageously addictive, music-infused class gives conditioning a refreshingly fun make-over.

((305)) Sculpt uses light weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to deliver life-changing results. Improve your posture and flexibility, chisel lean, long muscle, and unleash your inner beast; this class will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. $18 per class, $170 per 10 class pack.

6AM CHALLENGEunspecified

Okay ya freaks! You asked for it and we’re giving it to ya. 6AM classes are now on our schedule. Check ‘em out on MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS in our MIDTOWN location.

Our full-the-f*ck-out, über-energetic, pint-sized Symone will be leading the pack. This girl don’t play. Give it a try for the next 6 weeks and see just how rad ya feel!

We're hiring

We’re hiring a full-time Studio Manager in NYC.
We are looking for an über-organized, ambitious and (very) hard worker and an extremely dependable go-getter. We're seeking that special someone who thrives in a fast-paced and at-times stressful environment while keeping a cucumber-cool front.

More info here.

Jen5.png_copyMEET THE IT GIRL

Meet Jen A. from NYC, our newest #junkiecrush. This badass has had a steady ((305)) addiction for a year (with some freakin' amazing results), and the feeling is mutual. When she’s not tearin’ it up in class (which is often), Jen is a magazine editor in NYC who’s all about pop culture and currently digging the Hamilton soundtrack.

Read her story here.

hip hop (1)


Every week, our DJs add more music to our sick Spotify playlists. So you hear the hottest shit first. This week in class, you’ll be hearing Rich Home Quan’s “The Most” blast from those speakers.

Start bouncin to it now.