A Quickie with DC's Byron

You've twerked with him in class, now learn the quick-and-dirty facts about one of DC's sexiest, Byron. His contagious energy and sense of humor will have you moving at 100 miles an hour and smiling so hard, you’ll forget you’re even working.

How long have you been with ((305))?

I've been with 305 for about two years this September/October. It's been a really amazing and rewarding experience.

Favorite in-class outfit?

My favorite in class outfit is a good *snug* pair of compression pants and a #MakeSweatSexy shirt with the sleeves and sides cut out to show some skin.

Best song to get sweaty to?

Best song in class to get sweaty to in my opinion is fucking Juice Box, Pitbull & 'em lol. The beat pumps, when it comes on I get so hype. And I you can throw Braveheart on the list too. That song right there makes me feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.

What do you do to workout outside of ((305))?

Outside of ((305)), I am a full-time professional dancer. I perform at Town Danceboutique in NW DC on a monthly basis and travel with R & B sensation Mýa.

Favorite place to bust out those ((305)) dance moves outside of class?

Favorite place(s) to bust out the ((305)) moves would have to be in the bathroom or bedroom mirror before heading to the club and -- of course -- in the club. A duh, lol.

Favorite restaurant in DC?

Favorite restaurant in DC usually varies depending on the happy hour and whether I know the bar keep, lol. But if you haven't been to the Hamilton downtown NW DC, please go. That's my favorite place. I'm cool with one if the bar keeps, and they serve the best sausage peanut butter jelly sandwich in the world. They have an upstairs loft with a live band on the weekends and open until at least 2 a.m.