((305)) Family Forever -- Bye Brittney

You know her, you love her, and -- like us -- you hate to see her go. After helping to bring the ((305)) family to D.C., our beloved instructor, Brittney, is leaving the District to nest up with her (super hot) military man in North Carolina. Before she goes, we had her dish on all things ((305)) and what's next for this foxy brunette.

BrittneyHow did you first find ((305))? What drew you to it?

When I first moved to NYC three years ago, I really wanted to find my workout niche. I’ve been a dancer since a young age and my goal was to find a workout that fused a full-body workout with dance moves that I was used to. There was a small buzz on a new workout in the city called ((305)) Fitness so I decided to try it out and scheduled my first class in January of 2013. I loved that it didn't feel like I was suffering through a workout class, but it felt like I was in a never-ending dance party with my friends. I instantly knew I needed to be apart of it.

By April, I was working for Sadie and became part of the first class of instructors. It’s been an incredible experience working for a powerhouse start-up and an inspiring entrepreneur. Sadie pushes me outside of my boundaries and always challenges me to be more than I can be, and to her, I am forever grateful for this amazing experience and life-changing opportunity.

What is your best memory from being with ((305))?

Hands down, teaching over 300 junkies on the National Mall this past summer. Oh! And having one of my girl crush's and socialite -- Lo Bosworth -- take my classes up in NYC. (Cue Laguna Beach's theme song...)

What song will always make you think of ((305))?

Timber -- Pit Bull. Forever and always <3

What are your big takeaways
from working with ((305))?

Body positivity is a major takeaway. Everyone has different reasons for stepping through the door -- weight loss, medical reasons, switching up their workout, etc. I've learned that in order to promote and foster a positive body image in my classes, I don’t focus on the superficial benefits of the workout. The biggest overall message that I hope people take away from my class is that I encourage people to use fitness and exercise as a tool to not only look good, but to FEEL good because being the best version of yourself, physically and mentally, is priceless.

What workouts will you do when you don't have ((305)) in your life?

Most likely, I'll resume my normal workout routine. I love barre, spin, yoga ... honestly, I love it all. Until I find my go-to workout boutiques in North Carolina (hopefully there are some where I'm moving!), I'll also be training for the Rock& Roll half marathon in Virginia Beach in September. Keep following me on my fitness journey -- who knows where I'll be teaching next ;)

What will you miss the most?

Definitely the people. Sadie, fellow instructors, DJs, junkies, clients that became friends, friends that became family. Seriously, everyone that has ever been apart of ((305)) has touched my life in some way or another and more than they know.