YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) NYC: Feb. 16, 2016

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Last weekend, our crew ventured down to Miami for a sick vacay. A lotta sweat, sand, screwdrivers, and of course ... dancing.

We knew we couldn’t come back empty handed to snowy New York. So we came up with a batch of new dances that’ll make ya scream.

Before we debut these dances, we wanted to slip you this sneak peek. This Spotify playlist will have you beggin' for more. Cum n get it!

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Building on a traditional vinyasa flow, this 55-minute steamy, potent class awakens dormant internal energies, while improving strength, flexibility, and mental focus. Yoga can serve so many purposes, and Y4BX leaves open the possibility for so much to surface and inspire, so that you leave class feeling fulfilled, empowered, confident, and authentically—you!

Just $18/class, Package of 10 for $170

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((305)) SCULPT

This 45-minute muscular endurance workout creates a long, lean physique like a dancer's with a special focus on dat ass. You’ll work the glutes and core big time. Led by some of our fiercest queens, LATOYA, NATALIA, and SADIE, this small group setting is like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the price.

Just $18/class, Package of 10 for $170

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Started from the bottom now we here. This month’s #junkiecrush Liviya K. has been with ((305)) basically from its beginnings in NYC. Get the deetz on her ((305)) addiction, what she wears to #MakeSweatSexy and which super diva she’s ready to backup on stage.

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Every week, our DJs add more music to our sick Spotify playlists. So you hear the hottest shit first. This week in class, you might catch “Wavy” riding through our speakers.