It's been two months since the sequins and champagne of NYE. How bout those resolutions, hmmm? In need of a boost? Need to recommit to the promises you made to yourself on January 1st? We asked our founder and HBIC, Sadie Kurzban, for her best tips on building stronger willpower and staying focused on your 2016 goals.

Sadie1. Think small

Say wha? Yeah, you heard us. That long ass list of New Years resolutions was never going to work. Instead of making a million giant changes all at once, tackle smaller steps one or two at a time. What if you're looking to totally revamp your healthy habits? Says Kurzban: "Rather than trying to be more active, eat healthier, and drink less all starting in January, try to build one of those healthy habits each month."

What's that about? Kurzban explains, "For example, January can be your month to eating a better breakfast. February can be your month to cut back on alcohol. March can be your month to walking instead of taking ubers." Imagine in 12 months how much healthier you'll feel. Give yourself some time, and you'll have nailed all of them.

2. Upgrade your threadsSadie_copy1

If you're looking for reasons to get pumped to head to the gym, look no further. Nothing will bring out your inner badass like a well-fitting, sexy sports bra and a skin-showing, sweat-wicking tank top to show it off. If your wallet is up for it, splurge on some new gear. "Trade in those free, baggy t-shirts from freshman year volleyball for some Nike, Adidas, or Lululemon to show off dem assets," says our founder. "Nothing like a new wardrobe to make you wanna get your butt in class."

And if your budget is tight, upgrade your workout wardrobe by going HAM on those free t-shirts. You can cut 'em, tie 'em, dye 'em, bleach 'em. You do you.

3. Download our playlist

Get dat ish
on your phone. Listening to our DJ-curated playlists will not only make your subway commute better, but it'll also help you bring out your inner diva in class when your jamz are bumpin' through the speakers. Squats get so much easier when your favorite song comes on.

And good music will make everything better. "If one of your goals is to cut back on things that boost your mood -- coffee, chocolate, alcohol -- swap in some good-vibe-inducing jamz. Music is the best drug!"

8C2A49294. Involve your squad

Yeah, we know. This one is cliche, but people say it for a reason! Telling your friends about your goals will help keep you accountable. Don't be scared that you'll fall short in front of your friends or even your followers on Instagram. "Nothing like a little peer pressure to help you go that extra mile," says Kurzban. "It's strange, but it works. Enroll others into your goals, and you'll feel all that more supported and pressured to get to mile 26."

Plus, your squad will want to tag along when they see dancing your ass off in class. Meeting a friend for a sweat sesh makes it much easier to get dat booty to class when you'd rather be in bed or on the couch. Studies show finding a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to commit to a long-term routine.

5. Stress lessXRB2EZ47c0KlGYOQqltttNPfQAl60tvQryNuVEqNuis,YnUIaGxjRf7U41bz1_cwkxZvdWTfxAZn1qCb2nd5rwc

Willpower is like a muscle, you gotta build it over time. "You wouldn't try to deadlift 300 pounds tomorrow," explains Kurzban, "so you shouldn't expect a miracle when it comes to your willpower."

Don't hold it against yourself when life gets in the way of your resolution. If you've had a long day and shit's hit the fan, go easy on yourself and your resolutions. "Health is a process," shares Kurzban. "It's not one meal, one workout, one day, or even one month. It's an entire 365 days, and some of those will be better than others." Stressing over little missteps will make it harder to keep your eye on the prize.