Introducing ((305)) Sculpt

Starting this month in our NYC Village studio, ((305)) Sculpt is a 45-minute body toning class that was created just for you, junkies. This class will (literally) kick ya in the butt. With a main focus on glutes and core, this strength workout creates long, lean muscle like a dancer's. We asked our founder and HBIC, Sadie K., about what inspired her to create this nastay workout. Read on below, yo! 

What goals did you have in mind when designing the class?sculpt

Primarily, I wanted to offer our junkies a low-impact class that could make them stronger, faster, and more energetic in class. I designed Sculpt to focus on our biggest (and most underworked) muscle groups: the core and the glutes. Not only will these muscles make ya look great, but they will make you feel great too by giving you more power, balance, and strength in class.

The work we do in Sculpt helps to mold you into a superstar athlete, so you'll feel 10x better while taking our cardio classes. 

Who is the class aimed at? Do you need to be a body builder to keep up?

Absolutely not. This class is open-level, so beginners are totally welcome!

The workout is rhythmic, so if you're into good music and you're motivated by a sick beat, you'll love this class. 

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What should people expect? Will they still get to #MakeSweatSexy?

Hashtag duh. I created this class because I was so uninspired by the options out there for building strength, like weightlifting at the gym or barre classes. Just like a ((305)) Cardio class, you can expect this class to be totally high energy and to fly by.

You won't be looking at the clock cuz you're gonna be moving to kick-ass music with a fierce instructor guiding you throughout.

Unlike ((305)) Cardio, the class is mostly low impact, so we'll be doing minimal jumping (no high knees!). 

How do you envision Sculpt fitting in with the heart-racing, beat-pumping ((305)) cardio classes?305sculptlatoya2

I double dare you to try your first Sculpt class right before or right after a Cardio class. A double header is a SICK combo that'll make you feel so accomplished.

Plus, the two classes are more doable together than you'd imagine. Sculpt is only 45 minutes, and scheduled right around our Cardio schedule in the Village.

Give back-to-back a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly time flies.