YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) NYC: Feb. 22, 2016


It's been two months since the sequins and champagne of NYE. How bout those resolutions, hmmm? In need of a boost? Lookin to recommit to the promises you made on January 1st?

We asked our founder and HBIC, Sadie K., for her best tips on building stronger willpower and staying focused on your 2016 goals. Learn from the diva herself...cuz she slay (she slay, she slay, she slay).

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305 day03.05.16

WTF is 305 Day? Ummm..hello! That time of year when 03/05 becomes our unofficial holiday and we decide to go apeshit crazy with the giveaways (you’re welcome, people!). Sign up for any class on March 5th at either NYC location and you can bring TWO FRIENDS FOR FREE.

Gather your squad and go!

HERE'S HOW (2 easy steps):

1. Sign yourself up here, for any class on Saturday, 3/05, at any NYC studio. You can use any Cardio class credit (membership, single class, or class package).

2. Once you've signed yourself up, send us an email at with the full names and email addresses of your friends so we can book 'em for you.

YOGA 4 BETTER XInsta yoga_insta size_copy

You’ve probably heard we’ve been cooking up some serious yogi heat with our Y4BX classes in the VILLAGE. What is Yoga 4 Better X all about? We asked the creative mastermind behind these classes, Shira Atkins, about how she developed this class to be just for you, junkies! Read it here.

Just $18/class, Package of 10 for $170

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sculpt((305)) Sculpt

The newest classes to debut on our NYC schedule include ((305)) Sculpt. An ass-kicking, muscle-quivering, ass-and-core-strengthening 45 minute workout. We asked our founder, Sadie K., what inspired her to create this class. Find out why you need this class now.

Just $18/class, Package of 10 for $170

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Every week, our DJs add more music to our sick Spotify playlists. So you hear the hottest shit first.

This week in class, you might catch these two Seans tryna get close to you.