YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) DC: Feb. 29, 2016


This is the muthaf*ckin Leap Year. As you well know, junkies, this special day only comes around every four years. It’s one hell of an opportunity. One more calendar day to tackle all ya ish with your game face on. We asked our instructors what they’re doing to get an edge in today, with one precious, sweet, extra day.

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Our uber-talented DJ Ardent curated this hot-n-heavy mix. Get Spring started (woof) with this ball-busting, kick-in-the-butt mix that’s sure to amp you up at work, at home, or as you strut around town. Take a listen, for free, here.

PRIVATE PARTY MUCH?Birthdays & Bachelorettes

We host birthdays, bachelorettes, and office parties all the time and they are such a freakin’ blast. Pricing starts at $400 and you can book an entire class for yourself. For privates, we’ll find you a sizzlin’ instructor and DJ combo and yes, DJs can take song requests. Planning a huge event? Yep, we offer venue rentals and all-evening classes for an entire night of fun.

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