YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) NYC: March 7, 2016

305 BOSTONboston

Junkies, we've taken over in New York City and Washington D.C. like woah. Now we're headin to Boston to set up shop for good.

Live in Boston? Got friends in the big B? You can add up to 5 names on our exclusive guest list for access to our classes and a sweet discount, to boot!

Live in another city? Dying for ((305)) to come-n-getcha? We're planning take-overs in more cities this year, too. Stay tuned, smallz.

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workout planTHE 305 WORKOUT PLAN

With New Year's behind us and summer around the corner, it's no doubt we could use a kick-in-the-butt. These NYC workout plans were custom-designed by our founder to give you the energy and results you've been craving.

Starting at just $59/week, these plans will deliver (seriously!) life-changing results. You'll get a jaw-dropping sample of cardio, yoga, and sculpt classes to make you feeling leaner, lifted, and more stress-free than ever.

Getting hitched soon? We've got a plan for brides, to boot.

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305 WORDZ305 wordz

03.05.16 was our official holiday. Thanks to all the dancin kweens who came to our studios. We hosted classes from sunrise til sundown. Your energy and full-the-f*ck-out moves always inspire us to keep going. So we went out and asked ya: what does ((305)) make you think of?! These are 305 words we collected straight from you!

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Every week, our DJs add more music to our sick Spotify playlists. So you hear the hottest shit first. This week in class, you might catch Meghan Trainor in her full glory, tellin us how it is.