SWEAT STYLE: How to show off dem assets

Here at ((305)), we know you gotta feel sexy to #MakeSweatSexy, and that includes the threads you wear to show off dem assets. We asked our fashionable ((305)) fam what bottoms they rock in class to help them put the werk in twerk.

In the words of our NYC instructor Jessica, "The days of your boyfriends old t-shirt and sweats are so over. It's all about looking good so I feel sexy and confident when I'm working out or dancing."



No better time to show off dat booty then when you're werking it in class. These training shorts from Nike will hug you in all of the right places, and they're a fave of Sadie, our HBIC.

"I love booty shorts because I can bend, snap, and run around without overheating. It's one of the few occasions I can basically wear my underwear in public," Sadie says. "Plus, for a shorter girl like me, those short shorts make my legs look a little longer (bonus!)."

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.03.41 AMADDIDAS RUNNING TIGHTS

Wanna shine bright like a diamond even when the lights are out in class? Try some brightly-colored leggings like these, which will glow -- and make you shine -- especially when the beat drops and those black lights go on.

NYC instructors Jessica and Maria rock bright, patterned leggings when they turn up. Jessica says she is "always rocking the brightest, craziest, glow-in-the-dark pair I can find," because she "dress[es] for each class like its a performance." 

And for Maria: "My go to's are fun leggings with crazy patterns and colors (especially with the black light)."


These have booty right in the name, so you know we love 'em. Plus, the fun colors will make you want to shake it. 

Our DC instructor Marie provides some hardcore #bootygoals when she rocks shorts like these, in coral. "I LOVE to #MakeSweatSexy in cheeky lil' booty shorts," she says. "Inside and outside of class."

NYC instructor Natalia also rocks a bright booty short in class. According to her, "Nothing says, 'check out my bottom half,' like neon yellow booty shorts under a black light!"


You're gonna want some sweat-wicking material once things get steamy in class. These leggings from Nike get the job done, and Nike offers enough colors and patterns to keep even the most devoted gym-wear addict happy.

DC instructor Juli rocks these in a black and red pattern, pictured here. "My new go-to Nike's that I always get compliments on are my Nike Dry Fit "Spider-Man" leggings -- or at least that's what I call them!" she says.


Nothing will help you smile through the sweat like wearing your favorite cartoon character, especially during those sprints.

DJ Jeanna keeps things fresh in the DJ booth with her Bart Simpson leggings. "My fave combo so far are my Bart Simpson leggings," she says, but you'll have to keep an eye out for them. "I'm in the DJ booth most of the time, so I only get to stunt after and before class to take photos with my class or with the instructor."

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.26.42 AMPUMA FORMSTRIP SHORTS

Who says the guys can't rock the fun patterns too? Puma's shorts come in a bunch of different colors, so you dudes don't have to just watch with envy as the ladies tear it up with their legging game.

DJ Young Lion says basketball shorts like these are his go-to. "They're comfortable and lightweight," he says, and you know that's key when they're heating things up in class.