YOUR WEEKLY ADDICTION ((305)) DC: April 4, 2016

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Every few months, our DJs and dancers get together for a sweat-drippin sesh. DJs bring their best new music. Dancers show off their favorite moves. Two hours later, we've got 10 new dances that'll kill it in class.

Tired of that same old love? We've got new choreo in class that'll SLAY (ummm...but, like really, we have a dance to "Formation").

Drop it low with this nasty new playlist of choreo jams, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in dat step. Yaaas hunty.


Instagram famous or just plain famous? World-renown street artist Greg Berg caught our dancers and DJs in action. Catch the #305xGregBerg collab here all week.

((305)) BASICS

What's ((305)) Basics? It's a 55-minute class with the same wild party energy of our signature cardio class, but features more movement fundamentals. Now you can get into the groove without stress over the fancy footwork and still be sweating like crazy until the end.

This class is perfect for first-timers or those looking to brush up on the fundamentals. Been begging your friends to try 305? Post about dis ish on Facebook and let the world know: BASICS HAS ARRIVED!

And don't forget: Refer three friends, get a free class. Cha-ching!

((305)) BASICS in DC: every Sunday at 4PM with Quiana. Beginning April 17th.

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Every week, our DJs add more music to our sick Spotify playlists. So you hear the hottest shit first. This week in class, you might catch MIA killin' it as always.