A Quickie with DC's DIONNE

Learn the quick-and-dirty facts about one of DC's sexiest -- and newest -- Dionne, who is bringing her swag to the DC scene after perfecting her moves as an NYC instructor. This Southern Kween -- hailing from ATL -- Dionne's performance art background means class with her is one helluva show. When she's not winning you over with her jokes and moves, Dionne has your back, always finding a way to help you push for your best.

How long have you been a member of the ((305)) fam?dionne

Funny you should ask this question. Facebook reminded me on April 23rd that I've been with 305 for one year! I took my first class with Denise! I've been hooked ever since.

What's your fave song to get sweaty to, on or off the ((305)) dance floor?

I love Tinashe's "Player," "Free-K," and Trina's "Pullover"! I turn into a completely different person when these songs come on!

What cartoon character do you identify most with?

Dijonay from "The Proud Family" is all that and a bag of chips! She was sassy yet sensitive, wasn't afraid to express herself, and cherished her friendships.

What's your favorite candy?

Hands down Hot Tamales! I used to eat them like they were going out of style. I still like to indulge every now and then.

What's the best fitness advice you've ever heard?

I recent took a Soca/African dance workshop and the instructor said something that really stuck with me: "Workout on Purpose." Meaning if you're going to do something, really DO IT. Don't half ass it. Because nobody likes half an ass!

But seriously, everything you do, should be done with purpose. Eat with purpose. Live on Purpose. Love on Purpose.


October 25, 2017
Sam Galway