Meet the new crew: Zach

Meet Zach. This Miami native is all feather boa, glitter bomb, sassafras with his loud, high-energy, happy-go-lucky attitude. A towering 6-feet- tall, Zach’s huge movements and electric personality make him a perfect fit for your first class where where you can smile, let loose and liiiive your life, queen.

What made you want to join the ((305)) fam?Zach

I wanted to join the ((305)) fam because of the energy and message of ((305))!

This class is empowering and its really beautiful how we can make people feel so good about themselves. Its inclusive and vibrant and it brings something to Boston we've never seen before!

What's the most surprising thing you've learned since joining?

The most surprising thing I've learned is how creative this is! The moves are really exciting and there is so much going on it really keeps me on my feet.

As a fitness instructor classes can be very repetitive, but with the DJ in control of music each class is very unique!

If you were a pizza topping, which one would you be?

If I were a pizza topping I would be sauce, because I am SAUUCCCCYYYYY!!! I always deliver and serve with sauce!!!

What song makes you go wild in class?

"Crazy, Sexy, Wild" is the song that makes me go wild in class! I feel like there couldn't be three better words to describe me!.

Zach1Which super diva do you want to be a backup dancer for?

This may be cliche, but I would dance behind Beyonce! She is my spirit animal!!

What's the late-night snack you go for after a night of drinking?

After a late night of drinking, I would come home to a cheeseburger and cheese fries...Literally me last night! OH with tons of ketchup!

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