Q quickie with NYC's Hannah

You've twerked with her in class, now learn the quick-and-dirty facts about one of NYC's sexiest, Hannah. This artist-by-nature ain’t about being skinny for skinny's sake. She sees dance as an empowering tool for social justice and personal growth. With her graceful poise and quick wit, Hannah will bring out your inner wild child.

How long have you been with ((305))?hannah_copy

I was born at ((305)). I came out of the womb with a V-step. In other words, over two years!

Best song to get sweaty to?

"Big Butts" is hilarious. I like any song where we can get low AND make fun of ourselves.

Would you rather fight one horse sized flamingo or 100 flamingo-sized horses and why? Would 305 move would you use to win? 

Asking the tough questions! I'm great in front of a crowd, so I definitely would take 100 flamingo-sized horses on. I would get them all to dance, down low doing the bird, and since their little horse legs aren't made to get their eagle on, they would defeat themselves! Ha! HA! 

If you had to be reincarnated as a breakfast food, what would you come back as and why?

I would be reincarnated as an espresso and leftover fancy pizza.

Best fitness advice you've ever heard?

Exercise is a gift, a reward, not a punishment. Nourish yourself with the good shit. Leave yourself gifts. Take care of your body like it belonged to someone you love.