5 moves for bomb ass arms

One of the best things about summer is that you gotta show some skin to stay cool. And nothing screams “I’ve been bustin’ my ass at ((305))” like toned arms to go along with that #MakeSweatSexy tank top.

Our founder and HBIC Sadie pulled together her fave five moves to help you get muscles that will have people asking YOU if they need tickets to the gun show. In class, you work your whole body with twerkin’, dropping it low and V-steps, but to get arms of steel, you’re gonna wanna give some special love to each and every muscle, so these moves target specific muscle groups.

Grab some weights and get started!


Lat Pulldown

Work those lats and deltoids. Stand with your feet comfortably hip-width apart. Engage your core to protect your lower back. Bring the weights straight up above your head and pull them down, making a 90 degree motion with each arm. Lower so your elbows dip a bit past your shoulders. Raise back up.

Lats are big muscles so you can go bigger on the weight here. Try 12-15 pound weights, 8-10 reps, three sets.

Protip: As you bring the weights down, you'll want to bring the weights behind your ears, rather than in front. This makes sure you are engaging your lat muscles, as well as your shoulders. Lat strength is crucial for upper body strength so if you wanna get that pull-up game going, increasing your lat strength is key!

Arms_ 2

Complex Shoulder Raise

This one targets your deltoids and pecs. Standing hip-width apart, take the dumbbells up by your side, keeping your arms shoulder-height and your arms at 90 degrees, knuckles facing in front of you. As you exhale, extend the dumbbells out to the side, bringing your body into a T shape. Reverse the direction. Repeat.

Try 5-6 pound weights. 10-12 reps, three sets.

Protip: This exercise is all about shoulder endurance and since we are rotating the shoulder, you'll want to start with a lower weight to avoid injury. Notice how much more difficult it is when we extend the arms out to the side in full, taking the resistance further from the body (it's physics, baby!).


Tricep Dip

Fire up dem triceps. Taking the dumbbells above your head, engage your core and keep your lower back tucked in. Bring the weights very close to your ears as you lower the weights behind your head. Relax your shoulders out of your neck. Repeat up and down.

We're going for good form here, so it’s better to have increased reps at a lower weight. Try 5-8 pound weights in each hand, 12-15 reps, three sets.

Protip: The tricep dip is one of the most commonly misused exercises, as a lot of body awareness is required to do it correctly. You want your lower back and butt tucked under (not protruding) to not strain your back. Super important to also keep your elbows close to your ears, so as not to injure your elbow or shoulder.


Serve the Platter

This move comes from Pilates, where we blend two muscle groups -- biceps and shoulders -- into one exercise. With your feet comfortably hip-width apart, take the dumbbells in a bicep curl position, at the lowest point of the curl. Rather than curling up, like in a traditional bicep curl, extend your arms out in front, as if you are "serving a platter."

Use 10-12 lb weights, 8-10 reps, three sets.

Protip: Avoid swinging or using your body's momentum. The further you get the dumbbell away from the body, the more you will feel this in your shoulders.


Extended Bicep Raise

This one targets your biceps, shoulders, and chest. Multitasking! Standing hip width apart, hold the weights by your side in a low T shape. Extend your arms out into a diagonal, raising your hands to shoulder height, but keeping a bend in the elbow throughout. Lower and repeat.

This exercise can feel very intense, so you may get tired after just a few reps. Try 8-10 lbs in each hand, 8-10 reps, three sets.

Protip: Make sure to keep a bend in your elbow throughout, to make sure your biceps get a good workout, too!