5 treats to cool yaself this summer

It’s summertime baby, and that means one thing: heat. Between the rising temperatures -- and humidity -- outside and all that sweat in class, you’re gonna wanna find some ways to cool down while refueling after you’re done dancing your ass off.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to treat yo’ self while staying cool after you #MakeSweatSexy.

Superwoman Smoothie

Nothing says post-twerk-session cool down like a classic smoothie. You can make this simple, easy one -- from Best Health -- with ingredients you probably already have in your freezer and fridge. In addition to tasting great, the nutrients in the spinach will help you build dem muscles, boost iron levels, and improve bone health.

family fresh meals

This one could not be easier. Take some fruit, cover it in yogurt, and freeze. Leave ‘em in the freezer to snack on when your arms are too tired from toning to even think about lifting a mixing bowl. Here’s how Family Fresh Meals does it.

Betty Crocker

This one is going to require the oven, so save it for a when your AC is on but your booty-poppin’ is taking the day off. These frozen breakfast bars -- recipe from Betty Crocker -- will give you a sheet full of frozen treats to grab when you’re running to ((305)).


Cheese, amiright? This light summer recipe from Buzzfeed takes cottage cheese -- get at dat calcium and protein -- and mixes in some summer strawberries, balsamic vinegar and mint. Throw it in the fridge before you lace up your kicks, and it’ll be ready and waiting for you when you get home from class.


Lookin’ to keep cool while getting turnt? Of course you are. These cucumber, ginger and gin popsicles from Shutterbean are a mashup of your favorite cocktail and your favorite summertime tradition.