A quickie with NYC's Symone

You've twerked with her in class, now learn the quick-and-dirty facts about one of NYC's sexiest, Symone. This pint-sized firecracker will make ya werk, You'll back it up, drop it low, and shimmy non-stop with her flirty, work-hard-play-hard approach. 

How long have you been with ((305))?Symone_headshot

September will be a year (whoop whoop) since I began training.

Best song to get sweaty to?

Ooooh tough one, but to be honest anyone who's ever taken class with me knows of my imminent marriage to Drake so any song of his does the trick.

Would you rather fight one horse sized flamingo or 100 flamingo-sized horses and why? Would ((305)) move would you use to win? 

Uhhhh one horse sized one, duh! You just gotta hit it a couple good times and you're done. I would of course use the ((305)) Bitch Slap move.

If you had to be reincarnated as a breakfast food, what would you come back as and why?

Pancakes with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Your whole day is golden after pancakes.

Best fitness advice you've ever heard?

I can't remember who I heard this from, but anytime you're going through a fitness journey it's best to focus on strength and stamina, less on weight loss and calories. It's tough in general to start something new and especially get in shape, so the less pressure you place on yourself and instead do activities you enjoy such as ((305)), the more enjoyable the experience.