Real Name: Jeovani
Sounds: Hyped-n-Happy Crowd-Pleasers

No one knows the game better than this OG. DJ Ardent was our brand’s very first DJ. As Musical Creative Director, DJ Ardent worked tirelessly with our founder to create a seamless class flow. As Master DJ, he has hand-selected and trained all other DJs. DJ Ardent is also our brand’s in-house resident graphic designer and audio editor. What you’ll notice most about his classes? His mammoth selection of crowd-pleasing, jaw-dropping club-bangers. His mixes transport you from Ke$ha to Kanye in a matter of seconds. If you suffer from music ADD, you won’t be able to resist belting out every chorus at the top of your lungs while Ardent lays it down. DJ Ardent’s open format brings a true element of surprise to every class. Dance-til-you-drop in his outrageously, explosively fun journey of pure audible joy.

Check out DJ Ardent's mixes here.