Where are you located?
NYC, DC, and Boston, baby!

NYC, THE VILLAGE: 18 West 8th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave)
NYC, MIDTOWN: 33 East 33rd Street (between Park & Madison)
DC: BodySmith Gym at 1630 14th St NW, at 14th St & Corcoran
Boston: David Barton Gym at 50 Park Plaza

What are your hours of operation?
We open 20 minutes before the first class of the day and we close 30 minutes after the last class of the day. 

What are your prices? 
In NYC, a single class is $32. We have a 2-for-1 special for new clients and many other packages available at a discounted rate. See more here
In DC, a single class is $24. We have an intro package for 3 classes for $29 and other packages are available. See more here
In Boston, a single class is $26. We have an intro 2-for-1 special for new clients and other packages are available. See more here.

What should I expect?
((305)) Fitness is a 55-minute, non-stop cardio dance workout class featuring sassy instructors and live DJs. Each class infuses dance moves, sports drills, conditioning exercises and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to create a full-body, fun workout. About halfway through each class, the instructor leads a sculpting section, targeting different body parts each class, followed by a 5 minute “sprint” of interval training. The class ends with more dancing, a cool down, and a stretch.

No, but really, I am a horrible dancer… Can I do this class?
YES. We know dance can be intimidating but rest assured: no dance experience is required! We pride ourselves on easy-to-follow choreography that incorporates equal elements dance and fitness. Just let the rhythms and DJ take you on a journey of rhythm and sound. If you feel lost, follow the foot patterns and add the arms when you feel good! You will find after just three classes, you’re practically a pro! Added perk: many of our clients report they have become much better dancers over time by attending class consistently.

How do I sign up?
We open sign ups on a rolling basis, 14 days out. To sign up for a class, you may purchase a class credit or package and book your class through our online scheduler. By viewing our schedule and selecting “Sign Up,” the system will lead you through appropriate steps to purchase a class. Please do not drop into a class, as our classes do tend to sell out. If you do not see an option to sign up, it is because the class is sold out with a full wait list or because sign ups are not yet open for the week.

Please email us at info@305fitness.com for questions related to NYC, info-dc@305fitness.com for questions related to DC, or info-boston@305fitness.com for questions related to Boston.
We also have an app in the iTunes and Android store that makes scheduling SUPER easy! 

When do your sign ups open for the week?
We open sign ups on a rolling basis, 14 days out.

I’m on the waitlist. Should I show up?
We’re sorry to hear you are on the wait list. That is no fun! Unfortunately, we can only accommodate those who are on the class list. We have a one-in, one-out waitlist policy. The moment someone in class cancels their reservation, we send an email and call clients on the waitlist.
  • If a spot opens up more than 24 hours (12 in DC) in advance, you will receive an automatic email informing you that you've been bumped into class.
  • If a spot opens up less than 24 (12 in DC) hours in advance for class, we will call the next person on the waitlist to ensure they are still available before bumping them into class.

Please remove your name from the wait list if you are no longer able to attend a class. If you're on the waitlist, we assume you're available for class and are prepared to attended if a spot opens up. 

Do you have any sort of drop-in policy?
In DC and Boston, we do not take any walk-ins off the waitlist, as our capacity is very limited.

In NYC, pending availability, you are DEF welcome to sign-up for class in-person. We just can't guarantee the class won't be totally booked ahead of time. We have a 10-minute grace period for registered clients to enter class late. So, if you'd like to drop-in for a class that is sold out, we must wait 10 minutes to ensure there is a space for you before letting you into class. If you are new to ((305)), we strongly (like suuuuper strongly) recommend you sign up ahead of time to ensure you get the full rundown at the beginning of class and warm-up.

What’s your cancellation policy?
In NYC and Boston, our cancellation policy requires 24 hours.
In DC, our cancellation policy requires 12 hours.

If you cancel after the cancellation window, the class will be deducted from your account. There are no transfers of classes to other clients.

Do you have showers?
Why yes, we do! We have a full-service locker room with showers and towels at our VILLAGE studio at 18 W 8th St and our MIDTOWN studio at 33 E 33rd St in NYC. Complimentary showers and towels are also available at BodySmith in DC and David Barton Gym in Boston. 

How do I reserve class for a friend?
Now that’s what we like to hear! We highly encourage bringing friends. Having a workout buddy is a great way to stick to your commitment to exercise more. What’s more — bring your friends and you win, too! If you refer 3 friends to class, you get a free credit in your account. Please keep in mind, these friends must come as paying clients.

To reserve a spot for a friend, we suggest you visit our booking site directly (NYCDC, and Boston), purchase an additional credit, and select the class date/time you would like to attend. Once you select the class, the system will prompt you to Make Reservation for: Myself or Someone Else. Select “Someone Else” and proceed through the next steps. If you would like to gift classes for a friend, select the Tab “Online Store” and scroll to the sub-menu “Gift Cards.”

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do. To purchase, select the "Buy" tab at the top of this page and then “Gift Cards.” This will take you to our direct bookings site where you can set the amount, add a message, recipient, etc. If you would like a physical gift, you may print the gift card, which you will receive in an email confirmation after purchase. We also have plastic cards available in NYC at our studio.

Is this Zumba?
No, this is not a Zumba™ class though some people do find similarities. And many Zumba clients do enjoy to ((305)) Fitness. Unlike Zumba, our workout includes HIIT and sculpting segments as well as live DJs. Come try a class and you’ll see how different we are!

What should I wear and bring?
We recommend form-fitting athletic wear and supportive running sneakers. For ladies, we also recommend a good sports bra. We sell water bottles at our studio, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.

Are men allowed?
Of course, we love the fellas. And men love taking our class, many leave surprised by how rigorous the ((305)) workout can be!

Can I enter late or leave early?
Though we encourage everyone to take the entire class so they can safely warm up and cool down, we allow people to enter class within the first 10 minutes and leave during the cool down. Please keep in mind that your body needs time to warm up to safely do our exercises and stretching is an important part of injury prevention.

I am recovering from a serious injury, what do you suggest?
Feel free to call or email us to discuss your injury before coming to a class. If your doctor has cleared you for physical exercise, we welcome you to take a class, but please be aware that our class does involve jumping and high impact moves. Many clients choose to do our class at their own pace and our instructors can suggest alternatives to certain exercises. Go at your pace, only you know your limits.

Do you offer beginner or advanced classes?
All of our classes are extremely challenging, and many clients find they burn up to 800 calories per class. While we do not offer advanced classes, we do have a ((305)) BASICS class which helps newbies become more comfortable with the dance moves found in our regular classes! Whether you are new to ((305)) or an old pro, you may find that you get even more out of the workout as you continue to attend, rather than plateauing. We have many clients who attend 3 classes per week and, in each one, go deeper and harder than before so their strength, endurance, and flexibility are constantly improving.

Can I bring someone under 18 years old?
Clients under 18 years old can attend class, if they sign our under 18 waiver here.

Are you hiring?
We are always looking to meet new people. See more on our "JOBS" page. 

I love the music you play! Where can I get a copy of your playlist?
Check out our non-stop, booty-busting playlists on our Spotify and be sure to follow us on Facebook.