You know those people with super infectious smiles that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? That's JLott. He is here to motivate with so many endorphins until no one kills their husbands (wait... what?). JLott is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, encouraging, positive people you'll ever meet (ugh, we love to hate those people, but we love to love them even more). From a young age, you could catch this Houstonian bae slaying on the football field (wait, is it a "track" or a "field"? anyway...) At age 17, JLott turned in his helmet and knee pads and found his groove for a seriously lethal combination on the dance floor. In fact, JLott was a WNBA dancer! Yas, sir! A self-proclaimed momma's boy and Ciara fanatic, JLott is ready to sweat and get oh-so-low til the cows come home. Call him Spider if you're nasty (an ode to his shoulder tattoos - check 'em out!) or call him JLott if you're normal. Either way, this sweetheart, uber-motivating guy will put you in the best mood ever. 

What to expect from his class: smiles on smiles on smiles, back-breaking booty poppin, and a genuine positive energy that's absolutely contagious. 

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Follow him on insta: @Jlottwins

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