Kelly comes from a long line of Massachusetts hard-headed feminists. You know, like, before there were official feminists, there were women churning butter and they were like, “I’m way too f*ckn smart for this” and they actually started revolutionary wars and stuff, even if they got no credit. Anyway, that basically could have been Kelly’s great-great-great-great-grandmother, and Kelly is pretty much the same, only instead of churning butter, Kelly’s teaching dance, rockin’ some gender neutral outfit, and fighting the power all day long. Kelly is bold, irreverent, and lives life out loud. She grew up dancing because her (hard-headed) mom owned a dance studio. When she was just 15, Kelly was already teaching dance to kids. You can’t tell this girl what to think, how to act, or whom to befriend. Her class will make you feel electrified, empowered, and full of joy. Kelly was first a ((305)) junkie before becoming an instructor and her genuine passion for ((305)) shines through in every moment.


What to expect from her class: a bold, give-no-f*cks environment and a super challenging, drenched-in-sweat workout.

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