Free your mind, the rest will follow. Meet Kyra. She’s impossible to describe. Kyra is like the reincarnated, funkier version of Aaliyah, if she were partying hard in Berlin. She is always extra but never petty. Kyra’s words to live by? “Live your f*ckn dreams and just do you.” Kyra is bold, irreverent, and open minded. We bet you’ve never met anyone quite like her. Her infectious unapologetic attitude is what makes her unique from anyone else you've met. After growing up in California with crazy amounts of dance, acting and singing talent (omg srsly this woman can sing!), she graduated from Boston Conservatory in Musical Theater. These days, when Kyra’s not teaching at ((305)), she’s pursuing her passion for performing and fashion, hanging out with her bestie Zach, and eating superhuman amounts of almond butter.

What to expect from her class: a wild dance party with the most creative moves where you can let your freak flag fly.

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