Go H.A.M. or go home. Michael’s life motto? Work hard, play hard. When he’s not teaching at ((305)), you can find him doing heavy bicep curls with his hot-AF S.O., tanning on the beach, or kicking back and going hard on margaritas. Michael has been a Type-A boss-bitch since birth. At the age of ten, he produced, directed and choreographed a production with dancers, sets, costumes, and props. Michael has got energy through the roof, with wild high kicks and a 24-7 smack of sass. This alpha male knows how to have fun. Oh, he’ll spill the tea all day long, hunty. He will party like he’s paid to do it. Michael creates an environment where you can let your alter ego come out and play. 

What to expect from his class: a non-stop workout that pushes you to your full potential and leaves you soaked in sweat (with lots of laughs and high-fives mixed in)

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