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If you want something done, ask a busy person. And if you want an ass-kicking workout, take Jalina’s class. Jalina is a wunderkind kinda woman. She’s got one of those resumes that probably should be two pages, but it’s one page (and nicely formatted) because #duh she’s on top of her sh*t. We’re crazy impressed by Jalina and her no-nonsense, laser-focused approach. She is currently the Press Secretary for a national security and foreign policy-based think tank. Nbd, people. Right?! Jalina led her Howard University sorority’s dance team as Stepmaster, graduated with a degree in Marketing, taught English in rural Southeast Asia for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, and worked in politics and as a professional dancer for the NLL, NFL, and NBA. Intimidated by Jalina? Yeah, we were too. Yet, while Jalina knows how to push herself (and push you in class!), her true nature is sweet-tempered, empathetic, and kind. Her warm laughter is contagious. Jalina loves hugs and home cooking. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jalina’s downright neighborly approach will make you feel like you’re with family while you’re in class. Jalina’s cheat meal? Red beans and rice with fried chicken and cornbread! Jalina’s dream guest in class? Michelle Obama.

What to expect from her class: loud-and-proud encouragement, nonstop full-out dancing, and feminine sass and sex appeal that'll inspire you to live your truth.

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