Real Name: Monica
Sounds: upbeat and eclectic sounds from around the globe

Oh, the power of music to transcend! DJ Ahimsa was first drawn to DJing when she realized music’s influence: its potential to heal and its capacity to unite. When she’s not DJing at ((305)), DJ Ahimsa works full-time, teaching Peace Classes to 2nd - 5th graders and History & Geography to 8th graders at a local DC Public School. Passionate and dedicated, DJ Ahimsa brings her same loving energy to every ((305)) class. She carefully times her mixes to motivate people to the max, so you can take it to that extra mile with her upbeat, international sounds. Her style is a mash-up of electronic, pop, hip hop, and other sounds around the globe. Not only will DJ Ahimsa keep you motivated with her buoyant mixes, but she’ll also expose you to new, under-the-radar tracks from oceans beyond.

Check out Ahimsa’s mixes: