You’ve got to B-E  A-G-G  R-E-S-S  I-V-E!

Naughty-meets-nice in this pocket-sized firecracker. Fair warning: Danielle may seem all pumpkin-spiced-latte until you see her take control and dance. Holy f*ck, that got real, and real fast. With a highly athletic background in competitive gymnastics and dance, Danielle starred on Broadway in Bring it On! The Musical (for real, ask her to do a backflip cuz, like, she actually can). The girl can move. Behind her little frame, Danielle packs a sizzlin’ punch of sass. Danielle’s class is like sorority version of girls-gone-wild. You’ll be singing your head off to your favorite guilty-pleasure pop favorites and grinning from ear-to-ear as Danielle leads this Greek-life-style séance of six-drinks-in-and-we-don’t-care kinda class. Twisted sisters, much? Danielle sets the tone for you to let loose and be your silliest self. If you’re someone who can’t find the motivation to work out, Danielle’s goofy-meets-girly style might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. A Columbia University graduate with a passion for fitness and movement, Danielle’s class will kick your butt, but you won’t even realize cuz you’re too busy having fun.

What to expect from her class: super-silly, girly-girl fun, guilty-pleasures of a pajama jammy-jam rager, and an upbeat, energetic style that’ll cheer you on, from start to finish.

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