Real Name: Matt
Sounds: Feel-the-love electro mixes

The Left Coast is here, baby. DJ Young lion’s classes are like a warm poolside party. You’ll be instantly transported to memz with friends with his throwback-loving, feel-the-love pop and electro playlist. Originally from California, Matt is a huuuge sports fan and moved to New York to get his Masters in Jazz Studies from NYU. Matt is a talented producer and saxophone player and was one of the very first DJs to be part of the ((305)) NYC crew. His lush, euphoric sounds will put you at ease and allow you to perform at your best. His playlist is like a late-night make-out with an extra dose of bass to get you motivated to sweat like crazy. Tears of joy, baby. Get ready to fall in love and open your heart and soul with his heart-pounding, memorable playlist of pure joy.

Check out Young Lion’s mixes: