Attention 305 junkies: the ULTIMATE 305 INTERNSHIP is here.

If you’re interested in marketing, business, management, and makin’ sweat S E X Y, this is the internship for you! Here’s your chance to learn the ins and outs of 305 Fitness, the sexiest business in the city. Have you ever wondered: How does Sadie Kurzban do it all? What goes into designing the hottest activewear lines? How do they run their killllller social media? What do instructor auditions look like? How does 305 plan their schedule?

We’re looking for a kick-ass junkie intern for the Fall semester who can commit to 10 hours of work directly under CEO/Founder Sadie Kurzban in NYC. You should be the type of person willing to ~jump~ into projects and tasks and run with them. Work can be done remotely, or you can come into our awesome office located in the West Village! This is one of those internships where you learn EVERYTHING. And it’s worth every second, trust us. Especially because you'll get free classes in exchange!

To apply, please fill out this Google form.