Jenn - shot


Get ready to taste all 11 herbs and spices in this Kentucky native’s class! Ditching her polka dot bows for chokers and leopard print by age 5, Jenn learned early on to let her wild side loose. Beginning as a ((305)) junkie, Jenn fell in love with the vibe and found ((305)) to be an environment for letting go and living your best life. Like so many of us, Jenn struggled with her body image for many years. She finds ((305)) to be a space of healing, letting go, and self-acceptance. In her class, you’ll get lost in her wild dance moves, her explosive energy, and forget you’re in a body in the first place. She will have you beltin’ out your favorite choreo songs with pride! Join the party, y’all!

What to expect from her class: All the ass all the sass, encouragement to the extreme, and a whole lotta “y’alls”!

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