We are looking for an uber-organized, ambitious and (very) hard worker, for an extremely dependable go-getter. We're seeking that special someone who thrives in a fast-paced and at-times stressful environment while keeping a cucumber-cool front. We're looking for someone who is naturally fun and full of life Candidate should breathe the 305 lifestyle and bleed pink and black. 

Warning: This Studio Manager position is not for the 9-to-5er who refuses to work weekends or the timid or weak-stomached. This role is not for the person who may freeze up in a social situation or feel awkward in a big group of people. 

We're looking for someone who is assertive, comfortable managing a big team, and most importantly, very organized and detail-oriented. 


Not long ago, we were a tiny start-up that has since exploded. We shine in an otherwise-saturated market and that’s because we are changing the conversation about why we move our bodies. Filled with non-stop energy and creativity, our team of leaders, dancers, and DJs, make ((305)) an inspiring place to work. As a Studio Manager, you work directly for our visionary, Sadie Kurzban. Girl's got some serious fire in her. Woof.

Because we are so small, you have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and shape our future. Because we are growing so quickly, you will move at 100 miles/hr and always be on your feet (physically and mentally).

Our promise: Wow us, and we’ll wow you in return.


On a macro level, you will:

 • Be an key part of what ignites our (((305))) passion
 • Show us your magic and watch you're magic be put to work
 • Shape our operations for our stellar future
 • Grow as we grow in the exciting ambiance of a start-up
 • Be a key faces of our brand for our clients

On a micro level, you will run the day-to-day operations of our studio.

 • Ensure the studio is running at maximum-efficiency level. (Check: Is the shampoo stocked? Are there towels on hand? When do we change our A/C filter next?)
 • Gauge the client experience. (Talk to them, take their calls, answer their e-mails, create surveys)
 • Handle the unexpected on your own. (An instructor is sick or a shower malfunctions.)
 • Oversee and manage others. (Schedule the dancers and DJs. Directly manage all part-time receptionist and interns—a staff of 20+.) 
 • Sell and market what we've got going on. (Sell the retail line in the storefront; track inventory, place orders as instructed. Connect with clients to explain our package offerings.)
 • Open the studio and close it. (Not everyday but some days. While we have a large part-time staff of front desk associates who can open and close, we do need someone who is willing    to be at the studio for most hours of the week. The occasional 5:30AM opening or 10:00PM shift are required. Weekends, too. Seriously. You better come with energy).  
 • Perform duties of assistant to CEO. (Book travel, schedule meetings.)
 • Market and represent Make Sweat Sexy. (Reach out to local business, visit them, distribute flyers. Find us local partners like juice companies.)
 • Expand operations (Execute another studio locally. Travel and expand operations nationally).



We do not require prior fitness or managerial experience. We're looking for the fast-learner who is hyper-organized and hungry for a chance to shape our future. Should be a strong writer and service-oriented. Experience is a plus. Love for our brand is a must. If you have no experience but wow us, we will take a chance on you.

Send resume and cover letter to And mention in the email body where we made a grammar or spelling mistake in this description (and do it in a friendly, customer-oriented way).