Prrrr, pussycat. Heads turn when Kalyn steps into a room with her wild mane of curls and loud-and-proud personality. Raised by a single mother in a house of two other sisters, Kalyn embodies female independence and power. Originally from out West with half-Colombian roots, Kalyn moved to the Big City to pursue big dreams on stage. Her uncensored imagination, coupled with her eye-on-the-prize focus, makes this chick a force to be reckoned with. In class, Kalyn zeroes in her attention on helping you succeed. You’ll notice her big, encouraging smile beaming across the room as she focuses on each individual with a hyper-intensity. This warrior goddess also knows how to let loose. She’s quirky and often silly, and her rowdy dance moves will flood the room with a sizzlin’ sense of fun.

What to expect from her class: an in-the-zone hyper-intensity, a spirit of resilience, and rowdy dance moves to keep you lifted all day long.

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