The thunder from down under. (Couldn’t help ourselves, #sorrnotsorry). Originally from a small beach town in Australia, Kirra’s sick accent, blonde waves, and cool tats make you feel like you’re doing yoga on the beach with two muscular shirtless dudes next to you and a kangaroo jumping in the background and a burger sizzling on the grill and the smell of pineapple and saltwater. Kirra may appear to be all beach babe. But looks can be deceiving. Kirra is actually a tigress with an intense focus and a work hard, play hard approach. Her no-nonsense style mixes strength, toning, and flexibility into a challenging 60-minute class that’ll keep you engaged and sweating from head to toe. We like it, Kirra. We like it. Kirra’s class is great for all levels of yogis, but especially recommended for those who are craving creative sequencing and an extra challenge. 

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