Real Name: Mark
Sounds: Irreverent beats, rock remixes

Originally from England, DJ Pieman has been playing music professionally in music venues, nightclubs and bars around the world for over 14 years. When he’s not DJing at ((305)), DJ Pieman plays at local D.C. venues and even hosts a weekly trivia night at Fado Irish Pub. DJ Pieman is our favorite gentle giant. He’s all rough-and-tumble on the outside but totally loveable on the inside. You’ll find his tracks are the same way. DJ Pieman loves to play that old-school, rebellious stuff...the good stuff that’ll make you put a fist up and move but also fill your soul with utter delight. DJ Pieman will take you on a journey of sound to power you through the toughest workouts, with attitude to spare!

Check out Pieman’s mixes: