You. Got. This. In true warrior fashion, Symone brings uncanny energy and tremendous strength to every class. This pint-sized firecracker has an extensive sports and dance background, so you know she will bring the burn like no other. Her classes are intense, challenging, and all-around badass. If you’re #InItToWinIt, this petite ball of energy has got your back. The daughter of two tough-minded (and incredibly loving) parents in the military, Symone was born in Germany and grew up traveling all over (cool, right?). You can't put Symone in a box. This vibrant, party-loving woman lives in color. A lover of fashion, this trendsetter found her love for fitness and fashion while studying at Northeastern University. While Symone is an insanely motivating instructor, she also knows how to bring the noize. Expect a true 305 party when you step into Symone's class. You'll back it up, drop it low, and shimmy non-stop with her flirty, work-hard-play-hard approach.

What to expect from her class: A full-body, HAM-meets-hot workout that’ll leave you sweating from every pore.

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