July 31, 2016


Most people go to the gym to get that bangin' bod and bomb booty, but ((305)) is about so much more. That attitude is one of the things that we think sets ((305)) apart, so we asked our HBIC Sadie where that idea comes from, how she keeps it the same whether you’re in NYC, DC or Boston, and what it means for junkies. And some junkies weigh in on their fave things about ((305)).
July 31, 2016

A quickie with NYC's Symone

You've twerked with her in class, now learn the quick-and-dirty facts about one of NYC's sexiest, Symone. This pint-sized firecracker will make ya werk, You'll back it up, drop it low, and shimmy non-stop with her flirty, work-hard-play-hard approach.
July 24, 2016


Good lawwwd it’s hot outside. Just because you make it hottt in class doesn’t mean you’re ready to deal with that (305) heat in the scorchin’ temps outside. You need the right tools to get so fresh and so clean (clean) after you #MakeSweatSexy, so we’ve rounded up our gym bag essentials to help save yaself from that post-workout funk.
July 17, 2016

Sweat Style: 5 things to know about your kicks

Nothing will cramp your style like rocking the wrong kicks in class. One of the best tools to #MakeSweatSexy is a pair of well-fitting, fully supportive, bomb-ass sneakers to keep you on your feet even during sprints. We had our instructors tell us about some of their favorite sneaks they wear in class so that you know what to look for when you’re hunting for that perfect shoe to complete your workout look.
July 10, 2016


Meet our newest #junkiecrush, Bobby H. When he's not twerkin' at ((305)), this Brooklyn-ite is doing stand-up comedy and storytelling. He can #MakeSweatSexy in his own skin in class just like he lives in his own skin on stage -- the boy gets up there and tells his most awkward sex stories. On top of all-a-dat, he writes and is working on a new webseries he co-created. Can you say baller?