Impeccably stylish, absurdly charming, and incredibly talented, Tom is, simply put: really f*ckin cool. Even in a packed class, Tom holds your gaze (and your attention) with an uncanny, disarming realness. Tom relaxes into this rare sort of male elegance with a profound ease. At such a young age, Tom has achieved enormous success as a performer. With a strong background in Hip Hop and Jazz Funk, Tom has starred in Flashdance the Musical and Queen of the Night, just to name a few (no big deal, people!). In this business, confidence is a must. But Tom possesses no ego or pride. Head-turning handsome, Tom defies expectations. You might imagine someone so cool to take up all the space, but in fact, as a teacher, Tom has a way of making you feel like the star, instead. Laughter is the best medicine, indeed. His classes are full of life, positivity and joy. Tom brings a carefree spirit that’s extremely endearing and totally contagious. His sense of humor and sweet, grounded approach will elevate you to new heights. And his wild-n-out hip hop moves and larger-than-life steps will have you begging for more King of Cool.

What to expect from his class: an elevated, uplifted approach, lots of laughter, and a positive, carefree environment that’s pure joy.

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